A man of histrionic talent, as illustrated by his early career in music, he later began to deal in carpets and tapestries.
This engaged him mainly with the principal international auction houses, the European antiques fairs and the flourishing contemporary market of Istanbul.
In 1988 he opened an important and successful gallery in Mexico City, followed ten years later by a new display space in Los Angeles. As well as being an established art dealer, he is also a scholar and an expert on period carpets and tapestries.
His expertise in the textile sphere has led to his participation at many international conferences and congresses in the sector.
He combines all this with an ongoing passion for interior design which he pursues through ambitious and refined decor projects.
With a keen eye for unique objects of various types, he continues to acquire specialist texts for a fine and ever-expanding library.

He divides his time between Mexico City, Italy and the Lycian coast of southern Turkey.