Florence, december 2015
cm 29 × 38, 396 pp.
over 400 color illustrations
3 fold outs
hardcover, covered with silk, with jacket and slipcase

“A Gentleman’s Refuge”

a work by Anthony Foster

Anthony Foster receives an invitation from a gentleman – a horse lover and Renaissance man – to redesign, enlarge, decorate and acquire artworks for a villa, conceived to function as a “refuge” in the spirit of contemplative serenity.
For Anthony, the task provides an opportunity to work in complete freedom, enjoying a dialog with the linguistic variety of our times, free from all restriction as regards periods and genres. The result is a structured ambience, at once eclectic and also dynamic and fluid. It is characterized by a composed atmosphere of refined sobriety, classical in terms of symmetry while at the same time whimsical and lucid in temperament.
The majority of the artworks – statues and amphorae originating from Classical Greece, Magna Graecia and Ancient Rome, paintings by Italian and European masters of the 15th-16th centuries, paintings by modern masters, outstanding Oriental carpets, and much besides – were sourced in the European and American antiques markets, in private collections and auction houses.
However, most of the furniture and many accessories are evidence of “Made in Italy”: a bespoke production inspired by an illustrious artisan tradition, hallmarked by aesthetic perfection and the exceptional quality of the materials and craftsmanship revealed in the smallest details and finishing touches.
This sumptuous large-format volume, which perfectly reflects the exceptional scope and taste of this creative experience, has been produced, like the project itself, with the highest regard for quality in every respect. Sharing aspects of the photo album and the art catalogue, complete with essays by leading experts, it offers a discreet interpretation of modern neo-classicism and stands as a testament to the dexterity, virtuosity and passion of the author.

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