Giorgio Armani

Romeo Sozzi

I’ve received the copy of Mr. Foster’s “A Gentleman’s Refuge” – it is an absolutely magnificent publication.
Michael Shamanski
Bookseller inc., NY

It’s a testament to an erudition and sense of style and taste that is rare in our time. It works beautifully in depicting an environment that should be quite edifying to anyone who encounters it and takes the time it deserves. It goes way beyond the usual “coffee table” book.
Keith Rocklin
Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles, Ca.

The book is amazing… The photography excellent quality, the printing excellent. I really admire your perseverance to work on so many details of the book and the villa. I really don’t know how you did it.
Sandra Wiesenthal
Galeria Interart, Mexico City

We have just received your spectacular book in the office today… I must say that it is a beautiful volume which must have cost you much work and effort and is one of the most lavish books I have seen for quite some time.
Ben Evans
Editor – HALI Magazine, London